Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sweet Simba

Fly high, sweet boy! You have so many "fans" who prayed for you and wished you well. You were such a fighter! Now your soul can be free and happy. 

You will be loved forever! 

Bad News for Simba

Simba's blood work was worse than before. :(

Now I have to decide what to do next. My vet could do an exploratory surgery to see if there's something obviously wrong and take a liver biopsy. The surgery will be $500+ and there's a chance he won't survive it. Or that we still can't fix him. 

The other option is to let him go. :( My vet can euthanize him as I hold him and we let him be free of his sickly body. 

Crummy. Crummy. Crummy. :( 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sad & Sick Simba

Poor Simba hasn't looked so good lately. :(  He was doing pretty good until about a week ago. 

I'm taking him back to the vet tomorrow and we will repeat his blood tests to see if there's been any improvement with him being on antibiotics for the past 3 weeks. 

He's still able to drink on his own, but he doesn't eat. Or move much. 

On sunny days, I put him in my windows to bask. He loves it. 

If his bloodwork is the same or worse, I think it will be time to make that terrible decision to let him go, to stop his suffering. :( 

If there's an improvement then we'll keep on keeping on for now. Maybe we can add in an additional antibiotic or something. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Pudge at the Vet

Pudge's vet visit wasn't as bad as I thought. Phew! 

Yes, her (we think) feet are super bad but we're going to soak her and treat her for a week before we do anything else. She may still lose a few toes and her feet will always look weird, but she should be okay. 

She was NOT happy with Dr Folland messing with her and let us know by peeing all over several times. He also told me she's very obese and needs to lose weight. When her front half folds into her shell, her bum falls out the back! 

Pudge had a great time exploring the vet's office and charming the vet techs with her adorable face. Pudge & Smaug weren't too sure about each other for a moment before I moved them apart. 

A moist environment, daily soakings & lotionings, a good diet, and the right set ups should get her back on track to being an active & healthy turtle. 

Smaug Back at the Vet

On Friday I noticed Smaug's little toe was very swollen. 

Today he went with me to see Dr Folland and get an X-ray to see if the bones are involved in the infection. 

He was pretty mellow the whole time. 

The X-ray showed normal bone density and so I'm going to treat Smaug with an antibiotic for a week or two. Then we'll recheck it. Hopefully we can avoid having to amputate it. 

Here's Smaug checking out the Dental Health information! He's fine on my shoulder as long as I don't try to hold him. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Black Beard Beginnings

We all start somewhere with our knowledge of bearded dragons. No one is born an expert. 

Seven years ago, I bought my daughter a bearded dragon for her birthday. Lizzie (a boy) was the most docile beardie ever and served as my Etsy model for the first year. He was a good boy even though we didn't know much of what we were doing.  He was on sand for the first year and didn't eat high calcium greens. 

I remember the first time Lizzie's beard turned black. My daughter panicked, I panicked, and my husband looked online and told us Lizzie was either scared or hormonal (and not dying). Phew! 

Now I have a house of black bearding beardies. It's hormone season and all the boys are crazy all day, bobbing & black bearding. Dr Folland says beardies release pheromones and can smell each other. No kidding! I bet my house smells like crazy boy beardies! 

Black bearding is mostly used to show off or intimidate other lizards. It can also be a sign of fear or surprise (like if a bird flies overhead). Or it can also be seen on a really sick beardie. 

Anyways, what once took me by surprise and troubled me is now so normal it doesn't even phase me. 

So start where you're at and begin learning. I am STILL learning things about bearded dragons! Like the pheromones thing.  

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Random Pics from this Week

I have three times as many pics of my critters than I do of my kids. Mostly because my kids hate pics and run away! 

Here's some pics from the last few days. 

Lucky was having his own dance party-- 

Heidi was sunbathing--

Lil Foot was trying to hide--

Pixie actually let me take a pic-- 

My dog is adorable-- 

Simba got a lot of sun time today-- 

Fred is modeling my new line of snake hats-- 

I bought a 4 foot stuffed giraffe at my favor gut thrift store. It fits perfectly in my zoo! 

Pudge, rescue 121

Yesterday became a "2 for 1" rescue. I went to get Remy and walked away with a little box turtle too. He'd been kept in a super dry tank with little to no water. :( His skin shows that he's been dehydrated too. 

This little guy is adorable but his feet are in bad shape! He has layers and layers of old shed stuck around his nails. 

His nails and feet are all twisted and dirty. I'm afraid a few of them are dead because the old skin cut off the blood flow. 

The tip of his back foot (see above) is black and I'm afraid he'll lose part of his foot. 

Pudge is headed to the vet Monday morning and I'll let the vet try to remove the dead skin & tissue. I am not skilled enough to attempt it on my own. 

For now he's in a great set up with lots of mud and water to play in. 

Remy, rescue 120

Remy was left behind when his owner left home and a friend of mine asked me to take him. 

I wasn't sure what condition he'd be in and was surprised to find his bones are strong and he's healthy. 

Remy was kept in a 40 gallon tank on bark along with a box turtle. Not a good set up for either one. 

He's a translucent beardie so his skin is more see-through looking. Plus he's got amazing colors on his back. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rescue Skills

It takes a certain amount of talent to go rescue a baby beardie and come back with a juvenile box turtle too. 

I wonder how I'd list that on my resume? 

More details on next posts.