Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cole, rescue number 58

I never know what to expect when I go to pick up a bearded dragon, especially when they tell me the previous owners didn't get him a UVB light and the current owner wants him gone ASAP.

Cole, a two year German Giant male, surprised me greatly! He is used to his leash and loves to snuggle in his blanket. He's a bit underweight and has a crooked tail and crooked fingers, but overall appears very healthy.

He spent the day in the direct sunshine our window and quickly showed us that he LOVES to climb. We got him down from the top of the window screen several times.

Tonight he crawled into my tree and then onto my daughter's head. He's definitely a climber and is loving the freedom and his new blankie. He should be an easy one to adopt out.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sweet Crikey

I did something I don't normally do-- I held onto Crikey while the vet injected a lethal dose of anesthesia this afternoon. I pet his head & talked softly to him while he passed. He didn't want to be held, so I laid him on his soft blankie and let him rest that way.

This was him after he was "gone."

Another educational bit for you--- reptiles' hearts are notoriously slow at stopping, even long after death has occurred. When my beardies die at home, I wait until they are done breathing and then I wrap them in a blankie and put them in my freezer to finally stop their hearts. The vet gave Crikey a fatal dose of anesthesia (as normal), but even two hours later, his heart was still going. I just went back to pick up his body and found, instead, they were giving him a second dose of meds. I'll go back later to get him.

Some reptile hearts can beat sporadically for several hours after the time of death! If you have a reptile die with you, I recommend that you put them in the freezer for a few hours before burial to stop all random body processes.

Sick Eyes

They say that eyes are the "windows to the soul" and that is true for beardies too. Yesterday, when I picked up Crikey, I took one look at his eyes and knew he was in very bad shape. That got me thinking about how the eyes are such a good "window" into a beardie's health.

Here is a picture compilation of sickly beardie eyes. They are heartbreaking-- I'll just warn you of that upfront.






Died, several months later






Thursday, September 18, 2014

Crikey, rescue number 57

This is Crikey, a 14 month beardie who, I think, is suffering from severe gout. Poor boy. He's got a vet appt first thing tomorrow morning at 8 am. A friend of mine rescued him from a bad situation in Vegas and has done a good job with him, but his condition continues to worsen.

Gout is a condition where the kidneys fail to work correctly and uric acid is released into the bloodstream where it accumulates in the joints. The acid crystals are sharp and make movement very, very painful. You can see how swollen Crikey's joints are. He's stopped moving almost completely and has very little appetite. 

Gout is very difficult to treat because it's root cause is kidney malfunction. You can often get rid of the symptoms, but you will always have a beardie with poorly functioning kidneys. So you have to have a special diet and continual treatment to keep the beardie's uric acid levels in check. 

Look at his poor feet & knees! Every joint in his body is swollen and so painful to move. Poor little buddy. We'll see if we can get him better. Dr Folland is a rock star (in case you haven't figured that out from my posts already) and offers Crikey the best chance of survival.

I will keep you posted. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Beardie, rescue number 56

I picked up this sweet, beautiful female last Friday night. She is, by far, the most timid beardie I have ever met. The change in her owners and the change in her tank (and surroundings) have overwhelmed  her and she spends most of her time in the corner of her tank.

She is gorgeous and the most amazing orange coloring on her beard. She's healthy and still young-- so no problems there. She is just going to be very, very slow to adapt & adjust. Plus, I think she's still mad at me for cutting her nails when I picked her up. :)

And yes, her name is "Beardie." I expect we'll change that, but for now that's what we call her. Or we call her "the female." Her tank is hiding in my bedroom away from all my hormone-crazed males who primp & posture for each other. Oh boy! I can't imagine how bad they'd be for a female. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Spike the 2nd, rescue number 55

Spike has a pretty good history, as far as my rescues go. He was bought as a baby from a pet store near here a year ago, but his owners (one of which was a 7 year old) decided they were tired of him. He did have crushed walnut in his tank (never, ever use crushed walnut shell or sand-- read why HERE) and was fed lettuce, spinach, and carrots (not terrible, but not nearly healthy enough-- read about a good diet HERE) and mealworms (not the best source of protein plus they are constipating to babies & juveniles).

All teen beardies go through a "difficult" period where they are grumpy with everyone. Spike learned that being grumpy got him left alone and they've left him alone for quite awhile. When I reached into pick him up, he puffed up huge, put his beard out, turned black, and tried to bite me. He will quickly learn that I don't respond to that behavior and will stop being so grumpy all the time. That's my biggest goal with him now.

I brought him home and put him in my sunny window while I got a tank set up for him. He really enjoyed being out and free. He even let me dress him up quickly before putting him away and feeding him some tasty roaches. This is my latest Etsy shop creation:

Check out my Etsy shop HERE.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Costumes are at Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend!

If you're headed to the Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend, you'll find some of my costumes at the RockStar Pets booth, #931. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy Shark Week!

One of my shark costumes ended up on Discovery's Shark Week last night! Woot! Woot!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bowser, rescue number 54

I can't believe I'm up to 54 reptiles! And I can't believe I got a beardie that is healthy, normal, social, and easy going. Crazy! No force feeding, no shots, no medicine. Nothing.

Weird! ;)

He was well loved by 4 boys for the past two years, but the family decided it was time to let him go. I'll keep him until I can find him a great home.

And I'll probably make him model some of my beardie costumes too. :)