Sunday, June 26, 2016


My blog and my shop will be taking a necessary break this week. :) I'll be back after the 4th of July. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Pixie Pics

Hedgehogs are cute! But VERY hard to keep as pets. I don't recommend them as beginning pets. Guinea pigs are WAY easier. Do lots of research before you get a hedgie and try to adopt first. Hedgies are solo and nocturnal so they are not great pets for kids. 


I fed my beardies cherry halves tonight. They loved them! So did the tortoises. 

Now all my reptiles have cherry lips! 

Here's a couple pics-- 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Some "Before & After" Pics of the Fire Victims

Torch, a Savannah monitor

Kindle, a female Burmese python

Flame, a translucent bearded dragon

Phoenix, a blood python

Scorch, a male Burmese python

Monday, June 20, 2016

Montana Trip

Two of my tortoises were adopted by an amazing owner who lives in Montana. Since things have been so stressful lately, I volunteered to drive them up. I left Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. It was a quick trip, but SO refreshing. 

What a beautiful place! 

I stayed at a bed & breakfast in Idaho on my back to Utah. As the owners showed me the backyard, we noticed a turtle crawling through the grass. 

"Did you bring that?" they asked. 


First time they had ever seen a turtle on their property in 20+ years. Nice, huh? 

Beautiful male Western Painted turtle. I must send out an aura! ;) 

Another New Substrate

The biggest symptom of Adenovirus is diarrhea which means frequent cleanings of the tanks. Some of my guys are popping multiple times a day, and I've been blowing though paper towels quickly. 

I decided it was time for a substrate change. At my local home improvement store, I bought a roll of linoleum and cut it into tank size pieces. Today I'll buy a club warehouse size box of flushable moist wipes to use to wipe up the poop. That will save me tissues too since I flush all the beardie & tortoise poop. 

For my two 55 gallon tanks, I used 4 tiles on the bottom. I tried, but couldn't find tiles that would fit in the bottoms of my many 40 gallon tanks without cutting edges. 

Hopefully a few well-places paper towels will give the babies something to burrow in and an absorbant material for the really runny poop. 

I've used so many different substrates-- ReptiCarpet, tile, AstroTurf, paper towels, fleece-backed vinyl, shelf liner, and now linoleum. There's no one right substrate; use whatever works for you. Just AVOID sand and crushed walnut shell. 

A Quick Note on Adoption

Just to clarify-- 

At this point, my rescue is still on lockdown and no beardies are coming in or going out. 

Healthy beardies that are adenovirus positive (AdV+) can be adopted out, but they become a special needs and high risk placement. Preferably, they would be the only beardie in the house. And they can only go to someone who understands AdV+ and can watch for AdV+ sicknesses and help boost normal health. 

Until now, most of my adoptions have been to first time beardie owners. Obviously that can no longer happen.

 I'm still wrapping my brain around what it means to support 12 AdV+ positive beardies. Some of my beardies show no signs of having any sicknesses; others are not eating or moving much. All will get extra supplements to help liver function, etc, but I'm still not sure which ones. It's a work in process. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

A Suspicion

I've spent hundreds of dollars on vet testing to figure out why some of my beloved beardies have such severe diarrhea. The tests were normal and I'm suspecting that there is something in the recent batch of Flukers pellets (that I've fed for 3 years) that is causing severe digestive upset. 

Is anyone else using new bottles of adult formula and their beardies are having severe diarrhea? 

This is the other version. My bottle was empty and I reused it which is why the pellets are brown. 

Use the contact form on the right top of my blog to contact me if you have. 

Another Positive

Baby Remy who came back to me was tested on Monday. He/she is positive too. 

11 of my 12 beardies are now adenovirus positive (AdV+). :( Ziggy is my only negative one, but I can't rehome him. I once moved his
tank and it freaked him out. He'll just stay put. 

I had two of my recently adopted beardies tested and one of them was positive. I need to track down a couple others from this year just to be safe. 

While several AdV+ beardie owners are assuring me that this is not catastrophic, I'll be honest -- it feels that way! I'm still wrapping my head around it all. I'm in triage mode and dealing only with the crises in front of me. Tiger & Milo have severe diarrhea; Dex is still recovering from surgery; several of my tortoises are being rehomed within the next week (since I can't rehome beardies, I can only lighten my load by rehoming some of the other reptiles). 

Ah. I'm sure I'll get over the sense of panic soon. Until then I have 12 beardies that I can't place easily. And I may end up with a few more if my previously adopted beardies need to come back. 

Oh boy!!