Friday, July 31, 2015

Update on my Sicklies

Lucy had a pretty down day. She didn't move much and didn't eat. It's just a waiting game with her to see how she does. 

MuShu still is not eating much and so she's not pooping enough for me to do a fecal test on her. We still don't know why she had a prolapse in the first place. So we're just waiting for her to start eating normally. 

Moose was quite active today. He didn't want to sit in a sunny window like everyone else. We'll have to train him to do that. He showed some interest in food, but I don't think he ate. Usually within two or three shots, beardies with respiratory infections feel & act better. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Moose, rescue 95

Moose is a beautiful male beardie with a respiratory infection. He's not been eating or drinking or pooping well because he doesn't feel good. 

He got his first antibiotic shot tonight and that should help him start feeling better soon. 

If he doesn't start eating on his own, he'll get force fed Critical Care along with MuShu and Lucy. 

Bird Sitting

We are watching our friend's cockatiel Tickle this week. Tickle has bonded only with my youngest child and doesn't wNt anyone else to touch him. He can be a very bratty bird. 

I miss birds and fostering them. I started off doing bird rescue years ago but switched to reptiles since my husband was allergic to the feathers. 

About the time Tickle starts screeching and singing at 6:30 in the morning, I'm okay with not having birds anymore. ;) 

Lucy is Eating on her Own

Lucy ate some of the greens I gave her this morning. That's a great sign. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lucy is Already Looking Better

Lucy looks better now that the anesthesia has worn off. 

She's hanging out with us tonight on the couch. 

Lucy's Surgery

Lucy's surgery was very successful today. The vet removed over 30 eggs that were stuck in her. A few of them had started to rot so she'll be on antibiotics for awhile. They also removed her ovaries so she won't ever produce eggs again. Phew! 

Her X-ray: 

The eggs: 

Her incision: 

Her sad, sleepy face: 

Lucy will get pain meds daily, antibiotic shots every 3 days, and I'll force feed her Critical Care day until she eats well on her own. 

I expect she'll be up and going in no time now that she's not a bloated mess. 

Lucy is on her Way to the Vet

Lucy is on her way to the vet for her surgery today. She's a LOT less bloated and she's more alert. I look forward to her being healthy and active. 

I'm so sad that I can't be there to watch the surgery and take pics. I had foot surgery (again) on Monday and have to stay off my foot. I sent a list of instructions for the vet techs and am hoping they'll take pics of how many eggs they take out of her.

She will look SO much better when she sheds too. She was on sand and it has made her scales look dirty and gross. Surgery, a healthy diet, some sunshine, and a good shed will turn this girl into a beautiful lizard!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Update on "Fatty Lucy"

Lucy pooped today on her own which is good. At least she's no longer impacted. 

Her surgery is tomorrow morning. She hardly moves or does anything all day. I'm guessing it's just because she's so uncomfortable being so full of eggs. 

I look forward to seeing how she is when she's not carrying around so much weight and is able to move & eat on her own. 

I'll post updates tomorrow. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sweet Roscoe

I am sobbing as I write this. Roscoe passed away tonight in my hand. I tried everything I could do to bring him back. He wasn't gaining weight or progressing. He was too sick and too messed up. 

Run free, little sweet Roscoe. My whole family is heartbroken to lose you. You'll be forever in our hearts. 

Goodbye, sweet baby. 

Sweet Bugsy

I'm sad to report that Bugsy lost his battle today. :( He was too sick and too weak. 

Sweet Bugsy will be buried under my apple tree with my other precious ones.