Friday, April 28, 2017

New Phone App

My life has been more difficult since Blogger stopped updating their app for my iOS system and I can't blog from my phone! I end up doing most of my updates on Instagram and posting them to my rescue page on Facebook.

I bought BlogPress this morning, but it won't let me upload photos. Ugh!

So bare with me as I try to figure out how to blog from my phone.

If you want up to date info, follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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Baby Lolly

Yesterday, I adopted a baby red foot tortoise who is half blind. I've named her "Lolly" or "Baby Lolly." She's a doll, but has a genetic defect that made her eyes not work well. Poor thing! She eats and moves around great, but will always need special care to help get to her food, etc. 

8 Tortoises & Turtles

On Wednesday, I rescued 5 tortoises and 3 box turtles! 2 sulcatas, 1 cherry head/red foot, 1 Russian with an infected dog bite, 1 Greek tortoise, 2 3-toed box turtles, and 1 ornate box turtle. All of them have colds.

Yesterday I took the 3 boxies and the Russian to Idaho to give them to my friend who runs the Land Turtle & Tortoise Rescue.

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4 Geckos in One Night!

On Tuesday night, I took in 4 leopard geckos!! :O

3 of the 4 are healthy; one has severe MBD.

That brings my leopard gecko total up to 6!

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Monday, April 24, 2017

An Update on the Wood Turtle

Come to find out the wood turtle I helped rescue last week is NOT a wood turtle.

Bruce is a very, very, very rare Jagged shell/Keeled shell box turtle. They originate from Asia and are extremely endangered! 

The rescue will get him all fixed up (he's got a skin fungus and some other issues) and then keep him. It makes me wonder what this guy's life journey has been.

For more info on Bruce, the Land Turtle & Tortoise rescue, or info on how to donate to Bruce's care, please CLICK HERE!

Another Enigma gecko, rescue 178

I have a baby leopard gecko now with *severe* Enigma syndrome. Because he's so young and gets stressed so easily, he is SPASTIC! He does the alligator death roll and can't walk straight or move forward. Poor thing.

Enigma syndrome is a neurological disorder caused by sloppy breeding practices. It's a genetic defect that can't be fixed or changed. The best we can do for him is get him into a stable environment where he feels secure and to limit his stress. He'll be going to my favorite leopard gecko foster home this week. She took my other Enigma leopard and has done great work with her.

Between baby leopard geckos struggling from stick tail disease, failure to thrive, and Enigma syndrome, it's becoming VERY hard to buy one from a national pet store chain that will actually survive to adulthood. :(

Click HERE to read a previous post about Enigma Syndrome.

Sweet Puddin' Pie

On Friday night, my latest baby Savvy Puddin' started throwing up coconut fiber. On Saturday morning, he threw up a huge chunk of it.

I gave him a saline injection to keep him hydrated and then I had to leave town for 24 hours. I had my husband checking on the baby every couple hours and he seemed to do okay.

Yesterday afternoon, I got home and found Baby Puddin's eyes were really sunk in. I gave him another shot of saline and then a bit of watered down Critical Care & calcium syrup.

He died about an hour later. :(

Poor Baby Savvy. I'm sorry I couldn't save you. I'm glad you were loved at the end.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Wood Turtle Rescue

Yesterday I picked up a wood turtle for a rescue friend of mine and got kissed by the most adorable baby goat ever!!

The wood turtle has had a really, really rough life. Poor little guy is so caked with dirt & dry skin that I couldn't even find his nostrils! :( Not a hot enough heat lamp, 4 inches of pebble rocks & river rocks in his tank, no UVB light, poor diet...... This guy is a survivor! and in BAD shape.

Today was sunny enough that I let him go outside in my baby tortoises' box. I highly doubt that he's ever been outside much. If ever.

He'll catch a dog transport tomorrow morning and head up to Idaho where the Land Turtle & Tortoise rescue is. My friend will have a big job ahead of her getting this guy healthy again.

Baby Puddin' Pie, rescue 177

Here's the tiny little Savannah monitor having some daily sunshine time. He wasn't too crazy about it, but it did make him run around like crazy! 

He's still being force fed Critical Care and he prefers to hide a lot. I'll try to offer him worms or roaches tomorrow to see if he'll start eating on his own.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Will you all Help me with Something? It will take 3 minutes or less.

I want my vets at Parrish Creek Vet to know how much we all love & appreciate them. I tell them they have an international following because of my blog, but I don't think they understand.

Will you take a couple minutes to thank them for their good care of Junior and my other critters. I can honestly say that many many beardies & reptiles across the world have benefitted from Drs Folland & Echols because I share what I learn from them as often as I can.

Just a quick note to let them know you are glad for what they did for Junior and while you are there, like their page too!