Sunday, January 15, 2017

Update on Gumby

Gumby is my poor little Leopard Gecko with severe MBD. His bones were RUBBER when we first rescued him. It was tragic-- and 100% preventable!

Gumby just shed two days ago and did it all on his own! That's fantastic news for him. He was able to pull off all the shed off his toes too except one toe I helped him with. His bones are getting really strong too and he's eating much better.

Pictures don't seem to really show how distorted Gumby's body is now. He has several spinal lumps on his back and he walks on his elbows. His wrists and ankles are folded flat against his arms. He's very pathetic looking. He does get around though and he's fast when he wants to get away from me! Gumby will just always be a very special Leo.

Poor Broken Kiwi

While I had the flu, my husband took Kiwi the chameleon and Baby Sawyer to the vet and dropped them off for me.

Kiwi's assessment was bad. :( She has severe Metabolic Bone Disease which has caused multiple long, lateral fractures in her arms and legs. She has limited mobility currently because her legs are so broken. Poor baby! Because her bones are so empty of calcium, every climb and movement broke them further.

Kiwi got a shot of calcium and a shot of Calcitonin (a miracle med that helps pull calcium back into the bones). The vet also measured a tube for her so we can tube feed her nutrition daily.

Here at my house, Kiwi is in a 10 gallon tank. I had her in a screen cage, but she wouldn't stop climbing the walls. She mostly just sits on her belly or side during the day. I'm sure it is almost impossible for her to walk without pain.

She has a long road of recovery ahead of her. It's going to take awhile for her bones to heal and for her calcium levels to become normal again. So far she's not eating on her own, so I'm still tube feeding her.

Her last owners provided a UVB light for her, but it was a coil bulb and not very effective. Young chameleons particularly need a high powered, quality bulb to help them metabolize calcium as they grow so much in the first year. Perhaps an adult chameleon with strong bones who is done growing would be okay with a coil UVB, but never a baby. Kiwi will be handicapped for the rest of her life and will not likely grow very big either.

Kiwi has really struggled the last few days and I've found myself wondering if we did the right thing by keeping her alive and trying to help her heal. I'll keep watching her and discussing her with my vet. If it becomes unkind or unfair to keep her alive, then I will let Dr Folland put her down. To force her to live because I want her to isn't humane at all. Without my intervention, she would have already died, but that doesn't mean I now have to keep her alive at any cost.

Poor Kiwi. :(

Sweet Baby Sawyer

I'm sad to report that Baby Sawyer didn't make it. His broken spine and paralyzed legs made it impossible for him to poop on his own and his belly got more and more bloated last week. My vet and I decided that the kindest thing to do was to put him down. :( 

My only regret was that I was sick at home with the flu and couldn't be there with him when he died.

Poor Baby Sawyer. Run free, Lil Man. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Type A

It's official-- I have "Influenza Type A." It hit me hard on Monday night and I've felt like trash ever since then.

I had to have my hubby drop off my two sickest reptiles at the vet this morning since I couldn't get out of bed.

Will post updates soon.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Sweet Sunny

I'm sad to announce that Sunny, my wee little baby ball python who was recovering from surgery, died tonight. She was having a hard time pooping after the surgery (because she kept prolapsing, the vet surgically attached her intestines to the abdominal wall). She pooped shortly before she died and it appears her belly started bleeding inside.

Poor Sunny.

I'm sorry I couldn't do more to save you.

Just added! Valentine's Day Blankies!

I love Valentine's Day decorations! I love the pink & red & white & love & roses & bears and ALL of it! I love that it's my Mom's birthday (shh! don't tell her I told! ;) )

What could be better for your beardie than a Valentine's blankie??


So here's a new item just listed HERE:

Beware! He's Super Fierce & Ferocious!

Here is Neville who I was warned was "aggressive." ;) It must have been because he didn't have a blankie to snuggle in! 

I think beardies are as aggressive as we allow them to be. Neville huffed and puffed at me when I first got him, and I just laughed at him. When I reach into his tank, he puffs up and takes a defensive pose, and I laugh at him. When I hold him, he kind of thrashes around and I talk to him nicely and pet his head. The first time I held him, it took him two hours to relax enough to go sleep. The second time, he was asleep within minutes. Last night, as soon as I wrapped the blankie around him (shh, don't tell him it's a pink blankie for girls! ;) ), he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Changes for Kiwi

The stress of moving Kiwi and putting her into a bigger tank has really taken its toll on her. Poor baby has even worse coordination in her back legs than before. I feel so bad that I didn't start off putting her into a short, sick tank in the beginning.


I took her out of the tall Reptibreeze cage and put her into a small one with no climbing branches. This is the same thing I had to do with Newt years ago because his coordination was so bad.

While I was swapping out the cages, I had my girl hold Kiwi. Kiwi is super happy to just sit, curled up in a ball. It's very adorable, but very tragic. 

I added in a tiny bed that Newt used to love for her. She wasn't thrilled with it and tried to climb the mesh instead. At one point, she even reached out flailing with her front arm and latched on to her eyeball instead. It looked just like Newt! So sad! 

I've been chatting with my chameleon expert friends so I can get a better idea of what to do with Kiwi. Until today, she didn't seem that bad. Her legs were a little wobbly yesterday, but I thought she was okay. Today I can see how bad it is. Our guess is that she has poor coordination and mobility due to Metabolic Bone Disease and possibly some nutritional deficiencies. 

She's got a brand new Mercury Vapor bulb on her tank and today I gave her some carnivore Critical Care mixed with Repashy's Calcium Plus powder. I'll keep doing that every day for awhile so we can get her calcium levels back up. I may or may not take her to the vet this week. 

I know people think chameleons are cool, but they are HARD! Especially in Utah where it's so dry. I'm glad this little girl is with me now. I'll work my hardest to get her all better and then she'll go to my friend in California who has Lotus, Akime, and Hazel (the last female cham who I never named). California's climate is much better for chameleons than Utah's is. 

Rescue Chaos & Overlaod

My house looks like a rescue bomb went off. I got home from vacation a week ago and had vacation things and Christmas things and everyday stuff to put away. Add to that 6 separate rescues in 5 days, and my house is crazy. And I had to open my Etsy shop back up. On top of all it, I got sick while we were in California and I can't seem to get the cold out of my lungs. And it's ridiculously frozen here-- like the high is 17 degrees.

Here's the thermometer on the dashboard yesterday as I was picking up Lily and Kiwi. Ignore the dust. I obviously need to clean out my van again. 17 degrees.


So here's an in-depth look at a few of the areas in my house where things sorta exploded.

I've tried to use my shelves to keep things organized. Um, I'm pretty much failing at this.

Once upon a time, I had a nice desk set up for writing at. Now it just holds random light bulbs- are they dead or not? I can't remember-- and random supplies I set down and never put away.

Lily & Leo are on the floor of my bedroom since all the shelf space was taken by other tanks.

We recently moved my crafty room/Etsy shop down into our front room. I think there were, like, 12 seconds when it was actually organized. Now? Nope.

Supplies from Christmas, new Etsy material I haven't listed, a Halloween decoration or two, and more tanks that didn't have anywhere else to be put.

This was originally my "Critical Care" area with Gumby, Sunny (the baby ball python), and Baby Sawyer. It keeps me from using my table for working on Etsy, but it got the tanks off my kitchen counter.

We added 8 foot bookcases in the craft room to store our massive collections of books (I love books!) and the shelves end up housing random reptile equipment too.

My fridge supplies are sorta contained to one shelf in the fridge. So I keep the Critical Care between the Oyster sauce, pineapple juice, and horseradish. Oh and the extra ketchup package from Chick-fil-A.

Also in the kitchen-- in plain sight so I don't forget-- are my baggies of syringes for the sicklies I'm feeding. They are right next to the Christmas goodies that were given to us that we haven't eaten yet.

The living room isn't quite as bad either. I've been trying to move Georgie around and put her in a bigger box by herself. She keeps getting bumped off the list and I haven't gotten around to her yet. I let her free roam a couple days ago and she's quite happy with it.

The chameleon cage-- which I keep promising myself to not use for a long time-- actually sat in the garage for a week and a half! Woo hoo! It is now back on the side table in front of two south facing windows in my living room. Kiwi is having a hard time with her back legs and so I have the bottom of her cage lined with blankets so she can't fall and hurt herself. Just in case, I also have my small cage set out in case I need to downsize her.

The grandfather clock that I inherited when my grandparents died is one of my favorite possessions in my house. I recently just got it fixed so it's back to chiming every 15 minutes. It too gets to share in the rescue chaos. It's my "Shed Storage." Here's sheds from at least 5 different snakes. Under my great horned owl puppet, there's a baggie with a lot of interesting beardie sheds.

Yesterday all of the beardie tanks were cleaned too. . . . Not that you can tell!  Dash did some serious poop painting and Neville has been rearranging his.

Maybe one of these days I'll actually get myself organized, but definitely not until I get over this stupid cold (both the one in my body and the nasty cold outside!) Can't wait until Spring!!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kiwi, rescue 170

I'm on a local reptile group on Facebook and I get tagged ALL the time. ALL THE TIME!

Yesterday, I made this to express my feelings for being tagged on E.V.E.R.Y. sick, sad, lonely reptile post that comes up.

Last night's tag?

A sick chameleon.

Yes, another chameleon. I just got rid of my last chameleon! I took the no name chameleon to California last week!

And I have another one.

Kiwi is 6 months old and did not look good on her "For Sale" pic that someone shared. And I got tagged.

Moments before I arrived, Kiwi had crawled to the bottom of her tank and curled up into a hide on the ground. That is very BAD. Her colors were dark and she was all curled into a ball. Her colors improved as I held her, but she still didn't recover all the way.

Her ankles and wrists are lumpy which is a good indicator of Metabolic Bone Disease. Her jaw is okay, not super floppy, which surprised me. I carried her home in my shirt (instead of the ice cream bucket chameleon carrier). I put her in my big cage with a brand new Mercury Vapor Bulb on top.

Kiwi is still pretty freaked out by all the changes. I've tried to leave her alone as much as possible today. Tomorrow, I'll force feed her some calcium and food.

Yes, another chameleon. A female.

Tally ho!

This week has been CRAZY! So many rescues and my stupid phone still won't talk to my Blogger app so I have to do all my blog updates on my laptop. That's why I post four or five in a row.