Wednesday, February 22, 2017

the Kreature Under the Bed

Guess who is hiding under the bed because I tried to put him in the bath?

Kreature is shedding and super irritable as he's rubbing on everything trying to get the shed off. I picked him up to carry him into the bathroom. He hated being held, scratched me to get down, and then hid under the bed. 🙄

Like a toddler! 

It took almost 10 minutes for him to come out. 

I stood there wondering when exactly I had lost control of my life. :P 

Today's Vet Visit

Today was a BIG trip to the vet. I took Kiwi the chameleon, Noel, Tiger, and the female gecko who had been chomped on by her mate.

Kiwi passed her exam with flying colors! Her bones are strong, her casque is firm, and she gained 4 grams. She is ready to move on with life. Woo hoo! Even Dr Folland said she had an amazing transformation. :) I didn't take a single pic of her. I mostly left her in her ice cream bucket because she hates being held & looked at.

Noel has doubled his weight since I took him to the vet last and tripled his weight since I rescued him. He's such a handsome boy. He's already getting ready to shed again.

Noel decided to poop while we were waiting for the vet. OH BOY! It smelled SO bad! I let them do a fecal test on it and it turns out that Noel is loaded with coccidia. We'll be treating him for that. He has an eyelid defect that makes his eye get really goopy and I'll give him two different eye drops for a week to see if that helps.

The female gecko actually looks good and acts good. Hopefully she'll start eating on her own soon. No pics of her.

Tiger did NOT like his vet visit at all. Poor guy is very miserable & sickly. His breathing is labored, his mouth is yellowing, his eyes are swollen, his nose is dripping, and he has severe diarrhea. We have exhausted almost all possibilities with him except for the $500 CT scan. Even that is not likely to show us anything that can be actually fixed. My daughter adopted him after her beloved beardie, Lizzie, died and she's loved on him ever since.

After Dr Folland examined him thoroughly, Tiger looked terrible. He folded his arms across his chest and kept his eyes shut tightly. :(

By the time we left, Tiger was looking less deathly.

It's hard to know what to do with him. He had a really bad beginning and was practically dead when I rescued him. This is what he looked like: 

Sometimes it's just not possible to ultimately overcome a bad beginning. I'm not sure what we will be able to do with Tiger next. I'm honestly going to have to pray about it and talk to my husband and daughter about it. $500 is a lot for a test that is not likely to show us something we can fix. 

Another hard part of rescue. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sickly Tiger worries Teddy

I had Tiger out tonight so I could see how his breathing sounded. He's been sick lately though we haven't been able to figure out what is wrong with him. He sounds worse tonight than he ever has. He's got a vet appointment in the morning and I'm hoping maybe his symptoms are more obvious now that we can figure out what is happening.

Every time Tiger took a wheezing, gurgly breath, Teddy (who had to sit on my lap too) showed deep concern.

I tried to take a video of Tiger's breathing, but he stopped gasping and gurgling every time I had the video feature on. Hopefully he'll do it tomorrow for Dr Folland so we can figure out what is wrong and how to fix him.

Tiger's eyes are hugely swollen and they leak tears/fluid. His nose leaks fluid too. His mouth seems abnormally red. His breathing is labored. This will be the 4th time we've taken Tiger back to the vet in the past 3 months. His blood work and physical exams have all been fine. Perhaps he had an early onset respiratory infection that wasn't showing up yet?? I'm stumped. Dr Folland has been stumped. Tiger is worse now and I'm hoping that will make it more obvious what we should do now. We've tried antibiotic shots, antibiotic eyedrops, flushing the eyes with saline, flushing his nose with saline, anti-inflammatory eye drops, etc.

I'll update you tomorrow.

Noel is also going back in because his eye never cleared up, and Kiwi will hopefully get an "All Clear" report for her MBD and broken bones.

Jinzo & Jazz, leopard geckos

These two leopard geckos were surrendered to me last week after they had stopped eating and stopped being active. They had lost a lot of weight too. I'm currently force feeding them Critical Care to get some extra calories and nutrition in them. The female shed last night and the male ate a superworm on his own. I'm hoping they'll start gaining weight again quickly.

Kreature's Holiday

Kreature had a big day yesterday with lots of exploration. We had to switch out his cage for a bark free one (the bark was irritating the hubby's allergies) and this boy needed a bath.

At first, he fought me. After he relaxed, he spent an hour soaking with his eyes mostly closed!

Then he went for a walk about while we kept cleaning the front room.

After the carpet was clean and dry and the room was ready, Kreature checked out his new cage.

At first he wasn't sure about it. I had to run a couple errands and when I came back, Kreature wasn't in his cage. When I asked my boys where he was, they told me Kreature was sleeping in Belle's dog crate.

I moved him back to his own cage (he wasn't happy). But soon discovered that an upside down dog bed makes a very comfortable hide. His cage is temporary until I can get him a bigger one, but considering how often he is out and about, I think he'll be okay.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hemipene Prolapses versus Intestinal Prolapses and some other "Interesting" Boy Beardie Facts to Know

I randomly ended up helping a blog reader with a problem on a Facebook group for bearded dragons tonight and thought "Hey! Blog Post!" So here it is what I told her.

Raging hormones in male bearded dragons make them into crazy, messy, spastic monsters. It can also drive them to mate with everything and anything (and even nothing). My beardie Tiger once mated with a brown corn bag. It was quite unexpected, but fairly brief.

Dexter must have decided to mate with something tonight and got one of his hemipenes stuck outside of his vent. It's called a "Hemipene Prolapse." Hemipenes are about the size of your pinky finger and pink-- just like the one below. There's two of them in a male beardie-- one on each side of the vent.

At first Dexter's foster mom feared he had a bowel prolapse (which is very serious) and she treated it as one. She soaked him in warm sugar water and kept the area damp. If a beardie pushes out part of his/her intestines while pooping, YOU MUST GET THEM VET CARE IMMEDIATELY! The longer the portion of bowel is out of the body, the more likely it is to become infected, diseased, or to die. Until you can get in to see a vet, keep the prolapse in warm sugar water (sugar helps it to shrink). Don't let it get dirty or dry. Get a vet to get the bowel pushed back in and then you must discover what caused it. Most common cause of prolapses is parasite infestation. 

This is what a bowel (or intestinal) prolapse looks like: 

A hemipene prolapse can be soaked in warm water too. If you are comfortable, you can lubricate your smallest finger (a pinky is preferable) with KY Jelly or mineral oil or even olive oil, and gently push the hemipene back into the vent. To get it to stay in, you have to push it up over the flap of skin making up the vent and then push it down. Don't shove it in. Don't force it if it won't go. Don't stick more than about the tip of your pinky into the vent. If it comes back out, go see a vet.


Sometimes hemipenes will have to be amputated because the tissue has died. Not a big or traumatic deal, but definitely something that your vet should do.

Also, another word for male beardie owners. Sometimes the hemipenes release seminal fluid that builds up and forms a sheath or covering around itself. Those sheaths can sluff off and get pushed out of the vent when your beardie poops. So the poop will be left behind but there will be a greyish yellow or tan tube hanging out. It's not a big deal and it's not even a problem. Soak your beardie in warm water for 10 minutes and then you should be able to gently (but firmly) pull the sheath off and throw it away.

The first time I had a male beardie with this kind of "thing" sticking out of his vent, I panicked. I thought he had prolapsed or had a worm coming out or something. Nope. Just dried up seminal fluid. I soaked him and it came right off. Sometimes you don't even have to remove it and it falls out the next time he poops. 

Flame's Boot

I love when older beardies shed because they do it one part at a time. Flame's leg has been shedding and it looks like he's wearing a boot or a knee high stocking. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Kiwi's Upgrade

Kiwi has been eating on her own and getting around in her sick tank more lately so I decided it was time to put her into a small screen cage. I moved her over tonight. 

I'll watch her closely for the next few days to make sure she's not falling or struggling to hold on. I think her broken bones have knit together enough now that she is ready to go back to being more chameleon like. Today alone she spent most of the day on the small ladder turned sideways in her cage instead of sitting on the towel on the bottom of the tank.

Hopefully she'll start to get stronger and more active in a more normal chameleon environment and then I can upgrade her back into a large screen cage with lots of room. My goal for her is to become like a regular chameleon again.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The "Kreature" ON the Stairs

I had to run a couple errands this afternoon and planned to be away for at least two hours. Like normal, I locked Kreature up in his box so he would stay contained while I wasn't home to supervise.

Imagine my surprise when I came home today and my youngest attempted to run upstairs to his room.

There was Kreature, chilling on the TOP step. I didn't think tegus could or would climb! But he did. No idea how he got out of his box, but he did. He was nice enough to poop on the kitchen floor instead of the front room carpet which I really, really appreciate. :)

I picked him up, carried him downstairs, and helped him into his box.

Apparently the tegu wants to roam upstairs and down. Crazy guy!

Geckoes, rescues 171 & 172

I'm super lame. I can't even think of names for these two. But I want to count them and make a blog record of them. :)

The female hasn't been doing that great. She did shed, but it ripped off all the scabs off her feet and made them bleed again. Plus, she stopped eating on her own. She has a very severe case of Enigma syndrome which is a neurological disorder that gives her a head tilt, makes her alligator death roll when she's stressed, and prevents her from tracking her food well.

The male is doing great. He needed some help shedding last week, but is great now. Very active and loves to eat. 

These guys were a mated pair that attacked each other one day. They were covered with bite marks and blood when their owner dumped them off at the pet store where my rescue sister works.