Monday, May 2, 2016


It took awhile, but I finally got Flame to be calm sitting on me. 

He HATES blankies and being swaddled. 

He HATES being covered. 

And he HATES being held. 

And he HATES my phone. 

And he is HATING that I won't let him down as I'm typing this post. 

But other than that, he's super sweet and loves me. 

Ha ha ha! 

I'll just pretend it's all because of the shedding. ;) Denial can be very useful sometimes. 

Tortoise Bathing

I'll be the first to admit that reptile bathing is the hardest thing for me to do with all my rescues. Now that the weather is warmer and the tortoises are outside more often, I plan to be better at soaking them all weekly. 

Here's today's bathing pics: 

The big guys-- 

The babies- 

The bigger babies-

The aftermath- 

I'll be buying a plastic wading pool and bathing them outside soon. Much easier to clean. 

Flame is Shedding

I hadn't realized how smoke-stained he is until I saw his fresh skin. 

He's going to look amazing when he's done shedding! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Babies came Back!

My friend B fostered my two Torty babies for the last couple months. They came back today so they can spend as much of the summer as possible out in my backyard. 

They both grew!! It's so exciting to see. 

Before they left-- 


On Feb 1st, T-bear, the sulcata, was 108 grams. Today he is 174. 

Half Pint, the red foot, was 136 grams on 2/1. Today he's 162.

Being on the grass in the sun this summer is going to help both of them grow big & strong. :) 

Making a Friend

I'm spending time with my daughter's hedgehog Pixie tonight. She's not been very social with me in the past. This was our first real bonding time. 

Pixie started licking my shirt. 

Then she decided to lick the lotion on my hands. 

Hedgehogs are cute but not very social. I know everyone finds them adorable, but I can't recommend them as a normal pet. You have to spend A LOT of time with them to get them to get over their fear responses. Being poked with quills hurts!! Plus they are nocturnal and can be very noisy as they run on their wheels, etc. 

Random Phone Pics

My ridiculously photogenic dog, Teddy. 

My new frog tank. I've never had tree frogs and, since I had all the supplies to set up a good tank, I bought 3 green tree frogs. 

Our axolotl, a creepy cute fish thing. 

My daughter's beardie Tiger. He's almost 2 and "pocket-sized." 

Found a box big enough for Heidi and Derp so they could share. Sadly, Heidi still pushed Derp out sometime in the middle of the night. 

Dragon looking like a beach ball because he hasn't pooped for 3 days. He pooped this morning and looks fine now. 

I've been taking Smaug upstairs to work with me. He likes to run around and explore. It's the only area without another beardie for him to freak out over. He has been trying to intimidate Junie, the grumpy iguana, but it's not working. 

Smaug is a very sweet (and BIG) beardie. I'm looking for a home for him where he can be the ONLY beardie now and for the rest of his life. Other beardies make him too crazy & aggressive. By himself, he is gentle and mellow. 

And a random funny photo saved to my phone. 

Nova -Before & After

Because Nova's tail rot was so bad, he pretty much stopped growing for a month or more. I hadn't realized how much he's grown lately until I found a pic of him March 16th. 

Here's a pic of him taken April 30th. 

I'm not sure if he'll ever be as big as he could have been, but at least for now he's growing (and shedding). 

He's in his "teen" phase now. He loves food and hates being held. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Poor Baby Nubs

Nubs is my favorite beardie. He's the one that got the closest to death but still managed to live. He's such a sweetie. 

And now he's got a new problem. :( 

Nubs tested positive for adenovirus. His poop had been liquid for a week or two so I did a fecal sample. Came back totally clean. Another week or so passed and he started having bad in his liquid poop so I took him to the vet. 

Oh all the crummy luck. I've always been careful with sterilizing and such, but now I'm even more careful with Nubs. Adenovirus is transmitted through poop-- poop to mouth contact.  Even my kids know now to be ultra careful. 

The problem is that Nubs is still doing poorly. He's very lethargic and his beard is always black. His eyes are sunk in and he's not much into eating. 

We had him on antibiotics and he perked up for a week, but then went back downhill. I need to see if there's another treatment plan for him now. 

Nubs is young-- only 2 or 2 1/2. But the adenovirus may be the end of him. I may opt to let him be put down so he's not continuing to suffer. Whenever he goes, I'll choose to have him cremated. He's one of my very special ones. 

But not Nova

A local pet store (that I adore) took my babies today. I totally trust them to find the twins and Feisty Bits a good home. 

But they didn't want Nova because of his stumpy tail. :( 

So I brought him back home. 

Nova is going through his grumpy teen phase currently. Plus I had to force feed him so he extra-specially hates me too. I'll make sure I keep him & LilBit away from each other so they don't attempt to take me down in the middle of the night! ;) 

Ugh! Of course!

Blaze, the sick savvy from the fire, hates my guts. He hates me looking at him. He hates me touching him. He hates me tube-feeding him. He will not eat on his own. He hisses. He puffs up. He whips his tail at me. 

In an effort to make him happier, I sent him to be with my rescue sister who has the healthy one. 

Within 4 hours, I get a pic of Blaze eating. 

Then an hour after that, I get a pic of him 
chilling with Marybeth. Uh huh. Of course. 

Today he ate again without hissing or puffing up or fighting. 


Savvys hate me. Babies hate me. Good thing I don't take it personally. Good thing I have my rescue siblings to take the ones who hate me.