Saturday, May 23, 2015

Turbo's Arm

I took Turbo to see my vet on Wednesday morning and Dr Folland was sure (like I was) that somehow Turbo broke the outer arm bone. He said it was an easy fix but he wanted to take an X-ray. 

Dr F came back in 10 mins later and said "You brought me another head scratcher." 

The X-Ray shows no break, no fracture, no signs of old breaks, but quite a bit of swelling around the bone called osteomyelitis. But he couldn't find any reason the bone would ha e that kind of reactionary swelling. 

This is an unusual case for Dr Folland and he decided to post the X-rays on a few of his vet groups to see if other reptile vets had any ideas as to what is going on and why and, most importantly, what to do next. 

I found this pic of me & Turbo on April 23rd. He had no swelling at all. 

For now we are just waiting to see if other vets can provide any insight and to see if the swelling goes down or not. So I am sad there was no broken bone because at least then there would have been an easy fix. 

Turbo walks fine and acts normal. He hates having the swelling in his arm touched so we know it's painful for him. 

I'll post an update when I have more information. 

Progress for Ginny!!

She moved on her own, pooped, and then drank a lot of water. 

Then after she wobbled her way over to her basking spot, she ate a roach. 

Happy to see this! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ginny, rescue 88

Poor little Ginny came in last night after we had been told her arm had gotten "pinched" over the weekend and was dying. 

This is how she looked: 

That arm has been dead for a LONG time!!! 

Today she went to my awesome vet who amputated her entire arm. :( She is severely malnourished and very underweight. She was fed spinach which is terrible for bearded dragons. She is missing several fingers and toes. 

Tonight she looks sad and is still groggy from anesthesia. So I'll let her sleep. 

Tomorrow we will start all the interventions that will help get her healthy. She'll have 3 weeks of antibiotics, pain meds for a week, and at least a week of Critical Care. 

I have learned that Ginny and her "sister" were kept by a teenager who was given inaccurate info from a pet store (pet stores are NOT experts!!! Do your own research!!!!!) The parents of the teen also didn't provide any supervision. It wasn't until yesterday that the mother saw the arm and immediately sought help. 

Words of Wisdom-- 

1- Do your OWN research. Don't rely on the pet store only.  

2- If the parents aren't willing to supervise and help and take over, do NOT get a pet!! Teens and kids are NOT capable of carrying 100% of the burden of pet care. If parents won't help, don't do it. Too many of my sicklies were rescued from kids who lost interest. 

3- Beardies do NOT need friends!! It is only a matter of time before they hurt each other. Please don't put two beardies together. Ever. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Finally! Success!!

After two plus years, I finally got my big boy Max to use and like a blankie!!! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Slowed Down

I had foot surgery almost three weeks ago and haven't taken in any rescues. I am not able to put weight on my foot and have a knee scooter to ride around with. Everything takes three times as long as normal and I get tired quickly. 

Luckily all my reptiles are doing well and not having any issues. 

Here's an X-ray of the metal pin and plate in my foot. 

I should be back up and walking on my own by next week. :) 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Finn- Before & After

Finn had his nose bitten off by a tank mate when he was around 6 months old. 

This is Finn now-- beautiful & happy. He doesn't like to be held much, but he will let me wrap him in a blankie at night and snuggle him in my shirt. 


This may be hard to believe but I have never had a female rescue lay infertile eggs for me before. The girls I've rescued have laid eggs before coming to my house or after leaving my house, but never AT my house. 

Until today. 

Chomps decided to lay me some eggs. Oh boy. This reminds me why boys are just easier to handle. :) 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Update on Chomps & Grumps

Grumps is overall doing better but still isn't gaining much weight. He will snuggle in a blanket with me at night but otherwise wants to be left alone. He loves his heat lamp and spends lots of time basking under it. 

Chomps still looks and acts sickly. :( I treated her for pinworms and that helped her start to poop normally. She isn't very active and sleeps a lot. It almost seems like her kidneys or liver are not working right. I plan to give her another week and then I'll take her in for a blood test to see if something internal is going wrong. 

She adores her blankie too. :)