Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fewer Posts

My Etsy shop is going crazy!!!!!! It's keeping me super busy.  I'm getting 20 to 30 orders a day. 

It's great because I've been able to pay off my rescue credit card and help a few others with their rescues. It just means my blog posts slow down. 

Just wanted to let you know. My house is still a zoo and I still have a ton of crazy moments everyday. I'll catch up later. 

Until then, enjoy this picture of my dog wearing a sweater vest that looks like a dress. ;) 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Feeding Kreature

Feeding a tegu is unlike any other critter I've ever had! 

Tegus need meat and they want variety. So it's like preparing a gourmet dinner every couple days. 

He's had a rat, ground turkey, and steak. I'm going to try salmon and chicken too. 

Yesterday I gave him raw steak mixed with apple chunks. Whenever he got a piece of apple, he spit it out. 

Then when the steak was gone, he licked the steak juice off the apple chunks. 

He's not very active and sleeps most of the day. When he's hungry or bored, he comes to the corner of his tank so I know he wants to come out. I will still feed him until he's at the point I don't see him at all. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Kreature, an Argentinian tegu

Here's a few more pictures of Kreature. 

So much going on in his brain. He's so curious and watchful. 

He's about 3.5 feet long. 

He's picked his potty spot. He just sorta missed it tonight. I put down a big puppy pee pad. 

Tegu Time

Meet Kreature, our foster Argentinian black & white tegu. I'm a little gun-shy with big lizards (thanks to all my experiences with iguanas, Savannahs, Nile monitors, etc. so we are letting him out to explore on his own terms.


My boys LOVE Kreature! They think he's fantastic. My dog Teddy wants to kiss him and smell him. My dog Belle thinks he will murder her. I think he's cool but I'm hesitant to have a big lizard again. I'm really not into biting anymore. Crazy, huh? ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How NOT to make a Chameleon Cage

The chameleon I rescued today was in a 29 gallon tall tank. No branches, no vines. Just 4 fake plants on one wall. 

Chameleons need to be able to climb close to their heat lamp when they want to warm up. They need lots and lots of vines and branches and places to climb. They need mesh walls so air can flow in and out. Glass tanks cause nasty respiratory infections in chameleons. 

This chameleon has soft bones and the start of Metabolic Bone Disease. He had only a small coil UVB light on top of the tank and its rays did not penetrate far enough to help the Cham absorb the UVB rays. Without the UVB, his body couldn't process and absorb the calcium and his bones grew soft. 

As his bones replace the calcium levels and firm up, they will get rather lumpy and thick. 

Here's his new set up: 

Lots of branches and vines and sticks and ladders. Even a live plant. He can get right up under the new Mercury Vapor bulb to heat up and absorb UVB. He'll do much much better now. 

Crazy Day

Today might have set a record for craziness. And it didn't have a single thing to do with Thanksgiving tomorrow! 

Here's a good pic of the chaos: 

I brought home a full grown Argentinian tegu, 2 young ball pythons, and a young chameleon with metabolic bone disease. 

The snakes ended up in the living room. I don't like overhead lights for snake tanks, but this is temporary. 

Luckily, I learned my lesson after the last two chameleons and saved my nice set up. The chameleon was in a 29 gallon tall tank with fake plants on one side and the wrong kind of lights. Now she's in a good mesh cage with a ton of climbing branches and a mercury vapor bulb on top. 

The tegu will stay with us for a couple days and then go to his new home. My boys love tegus. But I don't have a picture of him. 

Everyone is in a basic set up and is fine for the night. Tomorrow I'll fix them all up better. I've been fighting a chest cold all week and I'm exhausted. Tomorrow I can improve all the set ups. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Vet Visit

Today was a long vet visit. I took in Sunny, Tommy, and had my rescue sister bring in Zeus, a red tail boa. 

Sunny stayed warm in my shirt before the visit. She looks great and her vent is in good shape. I'm going to inject a little mineral oil in her feeder mouse tonight and see if she prolapses again. If she does, Dr Folland will put a stitch along the sides of her vent to keep her from prolapsing again. 

Tommy's beak has started growing but it grew out weird and bubbled. Dr Folland said (as he often does for my rescues) "Weird! I've never seen anything like this." He filed down his beak so it can grow in evenly and smoothly. 

Tommy, in response, pooped all over the floor and peed on their hands and shoes. He was NOT happy! 

Zeus has a mouth wound that looks okay overall. We'll treat it with an antibiotic cream daily for a week to help it heal. Dr Folland says Zeus is a beautiful and healthy snake. 

Overall it was a good vet visit and not nearly as complicated as I thought it might be. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another Substrate Attempt

When you have ten or more tanks, the substrate (covering) at the bottom of the tank makes a BIG difference when it comes to cleaning. 

Over the years, I've tried tile, slate, AstroTurf, shelf liner, peel & stick tile, vinyl fabric, and now linoleum. 

I think I like linoleum the best. I bought a 6 foot by 8 foot rectangle from my local Home Depot for $24.99 plus tax (US dollars) and cut it in to 6 pieces for 40 gallon tanks and 2 pieces for 55 gallon tanks. So about $3.50 a tank/piece. 

I use clear packing tape to stick it to the bottom of the tank so it doesn't slide around. When there is poop, I take a flushable wipe to clean up the poop and then I flush it. I never ever throw away poop-- it stinks!!! Flushing smells better. 

I buy whichever brand is cheapest for me. The last box I bought was from Costco and was a Kleenex brand that had an instant store coupon. 

The goal for substrate is a solid surface that is easiest for you to clean. Today I swapped out my old pieces of linoleum for a new piece. I took the old pieces outside and scrubbed them down good. Those are now in storage for the next empty tank or the next time I swap out all the tank pieces. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nom nom

Otis decided to taste my foot today. And then my shoe. And then my other shoe. 

Sunny, rescue 159

This sweet baby ball python keeps prolapsing (her intestines start to fall out when she poops). She's prolapsed three times in the last three weeks. 

My vet says it's not uncommon for babies to prolapse and his first treatment will be a small stitch in her vent. 

If that doesn't work, they will surgically attach the cloaca to the abdominal wall so it cannot be pushed out. 

We'll start with the stich on Monday and see how she does.