Sunday, May 29, 2016

Phoenix Update

Tonight was my first time giving Phoenix an antibiotic shot. He hated it, but I got it in him. Then I recoated his face and neck with antibiotic cream. The skin on his head and neck are so crispy and dead. I suspect that it will take 3 or 4 sheds before he's able to get healthy skin back. 

The good news is that he was strong and quick in fighting me. That's a good sign. His next vet visit is Wednesday and I hope we can tube feed him successfully again. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Tortoise Room

The weather is beautiful today and all my tortoises went outside, giving me a chance to clean their enclosures. Their day lights are now on one power strip and their night lights are on another. 

Next year, the white boxes will be too small for my babies and I'll have to find another way to contain them. 

Left- Georgie & Baby Foot 
Middle- Heidi & Derp
Right- T-bear & Half Pint 

Photobomber? Teddy, my dog. ;) 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dragon's Bed

I love seeing how he's growing!! 

Dec 28, 2015 

March 28, 2016


My Favorite Kind of Shedding

All my beardies are shedding right now. Seriously, all of them. 

But my favorite of all is baby Nip who suddenly split his old skin. 

He's like a tiny beardie explosion! It's so cute! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sweet Charlie

I worked outside after I got home from my vet appointment for a two hours, and by the time I came in to check on Charlie, he had already died. 


He didn't have enough strength to make it. Poor lil Buddy. 

Run free and happy, lil Charlie. 

Charlie at the Vet

Lil Charlie went to the vet today to see my vet.

The whole time he was on the border of life & death. He got a saline shot and a bit of calcium. 

He was very close to death as I had him there. I hope he can find the strength to pull through. I brought him home so he can rest. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Charlie and Dragon

Someone on a local reptile group saw the pics of Charlie last night and insisted he be put down immediately. :( 

This is my picture response. 

Here is Charlie today: 

Here is Dragon on Dec 28, 2015: 

Here is Dragon in May 2016: 

And today-- (he hates my phone) 

Dragon is growing. He's healthy & happy. He is handicapped by his arms, but they do not slow him down a bit. 

Charlie had a cc/mL of Pedialyte last night and another one this morning. He also ate .8 cc's of baby food squash today. He has a vet visit tomorrow. Dr Folland and I are really good at saving babies with severe MBD. 

Charlie, like Dragon, still deserves a shot at life. And he'll get one. :) I won't quit if he doesn't. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Charlie, rescue 148

Today was such a long long day, and I thought I'd take it easy tonight. 

And by "easy," I mean "take in a half dead baby beardie." 

Yep. That's me. Plus, I almost gave myself a black eye when I whacked myself in the eye with my thumb while fixing my pillow. I'm a Klutz!! 

Anyways, someone posted these pictures on our local reptile Facebook group. 

Within minutes, I had been tagged three times. 

I couldn't -- wouldn't -- didn't say "no." 

My rescue sister brought him to me and I got him to drink some Pedialyte on his own. Woo hoo!! 

Now he's in a soft tank basking with the right heat and a brand new UVB bulb. I'm leaving the lights on extra long tonight. 

He has *severe* MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease." He didn't have the right diet or a UVB and his body robbed the calcium from his bones. His bones are literally rubber. He's as bad as Dragon was. 

The fact that he drank on his own is good! He was so weak and tired that he kept falling asleep. :( Tomorrow I'll give him more fluid and some outside time. 

I think he'll recover. I'm hopeful he will be okay. I'm glad it's spring/summer here so he can get the direct UVB from the sun. That is the BEST medicine. 

I think I'm at 14 beardies now, but sometimes it's just better to not count, ya know? ;) 

Phoenix at the Vet

Phoenix needed another tube feeding today and a check up. 

It was a terrible experience for him. :( 

He fought us and ended up tearing off one of his scabs. He's been shedding, but struggling to slough off all the dead skin. I had skin pieces all over me. 

He peed and then pooped and thrashed some more. 

We're starting him on antibiotics now to help his skin heal quicker and to prevent a respiratory infection. We tube fed him Critical Care and he threw it all back up. 

By the time we got him back in his box, he was exhausted. He wouldn't even move. I worried the stress would kill him. 

His mouth is still swollen and raw. His one eye is completely dead. His other eye seems to be okay. The skin on his neck is burnt and dry, but not ready to shed off. And the fecal test shows he has pinworms. 

At this point, we will watch him for the next week. He's come so far, but still has so far to go. :( I hope he's able to pull through this okay. If not, I think the best option will be to let him be done with his misery. 

I hope it doesn't come to that. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sweet Blaze

I'm sad to report that Blaze, the sickly Savannah monitor fire victim, died this afternoon. He laid down on a super soft blankie this afternoon and passed away very peacefully. 

He will be buried in my flower garden with the other sweet lizards that I've lost over the past few years. 

Sorry, Baby, that I couldn't save you. I tried so hard.