Saturday, March 25, 2017

Junior pooped a Wee Little Bit!

Junior pooped this morning, a tiny pea-size nugget. Yay!

I have been super worried that the mass in his belly was blocking his digestive system and that tube-feeding him would cause lots of problems. Phew! He pooped so that should be okay.

I gave him another tube feeding this morning and will give him some this afternoon. I waited two days before repeating it because I was terrified of giving him a lot of Critical Care and having it create problems. Now that I know his guts are mostly working, I can give him more food. Hopefully with more food & calories, he'll be more active.

He did wobbly walk around his tank today. He fell over onto his back and laid there for a few seconds until I righted him. I took out the washcloth I had folded into a basking spot so there are no longer uneven ledges he can fall off of. I hope that helps until he gets more strength back.

So today's rollercoaster is a bit more up than down.

Tomorrow? Who knows!

Two Successes and a Dope Move

I got both the male & female Savannah monitors placed in good foster homes. Yay! The male is doing great, and the female went to her new home and immediately started drinking.

My "Dope" -- as in D'oh!-- as in Drat!!-- as in Dummy Me!-- move was that I left my tortoises outside yesterday afternoon. I didn't remember until I got home just after 9 pm. DRAT! It wasn't dangerously cold, but it was chilly. So I had to hunt around in the dark backyard to find Georgie & Otis and then pull the little ones out of their big yard box and get them all inside and under a night light so they could warm up.

They are fine, but I still felt dumb.

See? Even people you think know almost everything still make mistakes!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Junior's Hard Day

Junior is having a down day. He's very lethargic and not opening his eyes much. I'm SO grateful that the sun is shining and I can give him an hour of sun therapy.

Rescue is a rollercoaster- up & down and up & down! Some days, you think "Alright, we got this; he'll pull through;" other days, you think "What am I doing? Am I just making him suffer longer?"

It is exhausting. And heart breaking.

Dr Folland told me yesterday that if Junior does die, it will be quick. That is a comfort. There are so many praying & pulling for him, but his poor little body might not have the ability to continue.

For now, I'll focus on his sunshine time. In an hour, I'm dropping off one of yesterday's rescued savvys to another rescue who will rehab him and rehome him. Tomorrow the female will go to a foster home.

An Update on Kreature

Every day, my rescue brother Joe and my rescue sister Beth and I chat on Facebook about everything from movies to animals to what is frustrating to us in life.

Part of today's discussion revolved around Junior (who is having a tough day) and Kreature. I'll just let you read the screen shots.

First one-- when Joe & I posted at the same time.

Second one-- (after I asked Joe to take pics for me)

The GIF I put on was PERFECT! She was making the jealous/stink face that I was making when I read that!

Well, just because Kreature never ever once did that for me doesn't mean he doesn't love me too! ;) So there! :P

You can see why I had no issues sending Kreature back to Joe. They both adore each other. And maybe Kreature never came to sit with me because I never sat down. I am always going and moving. I can't think of a time when he could have sat with me or asked for his jowls to be scratched. Yep, that must be it.

I'm still a bit jealous too.

I might let Joe watch Norman in a few weeks when I'm on Spring Break. I'm guessing that Norman will do well with Joe because he was raised by a man.

P.S.-- more about Junior in the next post.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bathing the Demon Tegu

Since I felt pretty confident after bathing two "aggressive" Savannah monitors,  I decided to bathe Norman (who is actively shedding right now).

Yeah, that exhausted me the rest of the way.

I couldn't take any pics because it took both hands to contain him. I put cream on his hands & feet and noticed he's missing a few more toenails. He goes back to the vet on Monday. I hope that Dr Folland is happy with his progress.

I argued with Norman as I tried to smoosh him to my chest to hold him still and keep him from whipping me. I told him I had to make him look good and show I had tried.

Norman wasn't impressed.

He started to poop on me.


Norman, Norman, Norman.

I call him "Mr Hissy Pants" because he huffs and puffs when he sees me.

Again, I will say it's amazing how my definitions of and tolerance for "Aggression" has changed after having iguanas. Norman is all huff & puff, but he doesn't even compare to the demon iguana Ramses. Or Midnight. Or Junie.

Perspective. It's a beautiful thing.

An Update on Junior

Junior saw Dr Folland today (my primary vet). Dr Folland didn't think the lump in Junior's belly responds like a poop plug should and so he had an x-ray taken. Poor Junior's bones barely showed up on the x-ray. :( They are faint outlines instead of bright, white lines.

There was no mass at all that showed up. A fecal mass would have had distinct edges and shape.


But the thing is-- Junior is not strong enough to survive a surgery right now. So for his sake, we need to pretend as though it's not there and go back to feeding Junior. He needs the calcium and calories right now. I tube fed him as soon as I got home.

Junior got a shot of Calcitonin to help pull calcium back into his bones.

On the way home, Junior was quite active! I think he enjoys Ray LaMontagne too! ;)


Now we wait. I tube feed him twice a day and see what happens. If he has a bowel obstruction, then we will know soon. If there is a mass somewhere in his belly, we will deal with it later when he's stronger. He's got a lot of spunk in him and that helps.

As Dr Folland was leaving the room, I asked him if I was doing the right thing by keeping him alive. He said "yes, at this point." He then warned me to not put a lot more money into Junior because the chances of his survival are still low because of how bad off he is.

That's the hard thing in rescue-- you just never know. $5,000 couldn't save a $60 chameleon named Lotus. But I've saved other reptiles without a single vet visit. You do the best you can given the information you have.

So as long as Junior keeps fighting & trying, I will too.

It's Raining Savvys!

About 40 minutes before I had to leave to take Junior to the vet, I had two almost adult Savannah monitors dumped off at my house.

With nothing.

Thankfully, I had an empty tank. All I could do immediately was dump them into the tank.

Ironically, this brother & sister pair had been dumped on a sister by a brother. The sister did NOT want them or like them. She said they were mean and hadn't been fed for awhile.

Once they warmed up, I was able to feed the male. The female had no interest. I left them in their small tank with a towel and heating lamp and went to the vet.

After dinner, I debated bathing them, but wasn't sure I wanted to stress them out. But then the male pooped, stinking up my entire house. That helped made my decision. I cleaned out their tank while they soaked.

For being the same age, the male is quite a bit bigger than the female. The male is covered with nasty old shed.

My last experience with this size Savvy did not go well. I had a female Savvy chomp onto my finger and not let go. Dr Folland grabbed a pair of forceps and pried her jaw off me. Needless to say, I'm rather bite-shy around savvys now. The thought of these two being "Aggressive" made me nervous.

I'm happy to report that they were totally mellow as I got them out of the bath. The male is actually more docile than the female!

Here's me with the male:

Here's me with the female:

Savvys are quite cute. But they are big and have a POWERFUL bite (trust me on this one). I think I already have homes for both of them. Phew.

Waking up Junior

I turned on the lights on this morning and didn't have to move Junior to make sure he was still with me. Instead I found his head up and his eyes open! Woo hoo!

Vet visit at 4:45 pm today to deal with the poop issue.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Swapping Custody

I share custody of Kreature with my rescue brother, Joe. It was his turn for visitation rights! ;)

So I'm happy-sad or sad-happy that Kreature is now at his dad's house! (hee, hee, hee)

I sent his favorite Target shopping bag, my red dress that he loved to cuddle up in, and his favorite blankies to poop on. Joe is going to potty train him better. Woo hoo!

I'll still post Kreature updates since Joe & I talk everyday, but there won't quite be as much tegu drama without him here to body surf down my stairs or hide under my bed when he's mad at me!

Junior Holding up his Head

Still no poop! But this little guy had more fight as I was giving him today's saline injection. When I put him back, he held himself up right.

His next vet appointment is tomorrow and I'll have my primary vet exam him and see what needs to be done.

Such a cute little dinosaur!