Saturday, July 4, 2015

Newt: Then and Now, a picture view

Newt: Then (March 6, 2015)

Newt: Now (July 2015)

Newt: Then

Newt: Now

Parade Fun

Our city has a yearly Independence Day parade that runs right by our house. Every year we take out critters and do an impromptu reptile show with our neighbors.

This year we took out Lucy the snake, Turbo the iguana, and Milo & Ozzie the bearded dragons. 

Hermy always has a great time walking along the fence and meeting people. It's her favorite day of the summer.

She is a social butterfly and adores the attention. Lil Foot was not interested in the people at the fence and left every time we brought him over. 

Another Day in (Rescue) Paradise

MuShu keeps pooping blood and I can't get ahold of my vet. Bugsy sounds like a whoopee cushion when he breathes. Lil Foot pooped in the laundry room and then spread it into the kitchen. The baby tortoises won't eat their food because I added calcium to it. Turbo is grumpy and bobbing at Ginny who is shedding & arches her back like a two year when you pick her up. My dogs keep barking at the parade goers lining outer street so we can't let them out. I'm babysitting Ozzie this weekend and so half of my males are black bearding and posturing. Turbo pooped on my bathroom floor, got some on his tail, and then smeared it all across the floor and onto the carpet. 

Welcome to our crazy zoo! :) 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

MuShu, rescue number 90

My vet's office called today and asked if I could help with a female beardie who had a pretty severe prolapse. Her owner needed to surrender her because he didn't have the money to get her treatment.

Of course, I said "Yes." 

Dr Folland got her all fixed up and I brought her home. She'll be on pain meds for a few days and antibiotic shots for three weeks. As soon as I can, I'll do a fecal test on her to see if she has parasites that caused the prolapse. If she does, I'll treat her for that. Luckily for me, I have all the supplies & shots necessary to treat her. 

I did find out that she was on sand in her previous tank and had no UVB light. Sand collects in bearded dragon guts and eventually forms a blockage that causes a prolapse and/or death. 

SAND IS BAD!!!! I don't care what the pet stores tell you!!!!! The sand does not pass 100% out of a beardie's intestines. Over time it collects and collects particles of food. 

DO NOT USE A LOOSE SUBSTRATE!!! Paper towels, paper, newspapers, AstroTurf, tile, linoleum, fleece, Repti Carpet. You have lots of options besides sand. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sicklies Update

Ginny got her final approval from the vet on Monday. Her wound looks great and is healing nicely. She's starting to shed and has put on 40+ grams.

Next week, Ginny will be traveling to her new forever home in Florida to her new momma Linda who is beyond excited. Ginny will have a good, good life there. 

Bugsy is doing better on antibiotics but still struggles with his pnemonia. It'll take all 3 weeks (and maybe more) to get him completely better. At night, he lives to snuggle on my shoulder. 

It wasn't such a good day for Turbo. He got up, basked in the sun for a bit, and then went back to his "bed." He didn't eat and when I got near him, he bobbed his head at me. :( 

Poor Turbo. He's been doing okay lately and I tend to forget that he's so sick. Then days like today remind me that he won't be with me long. 

Monday, June 29, 2015


It's Summer! And HOT!

All 5 of my tortoises are outside all day, enjoying the heat while sleeping in the shade. Like Hermy here. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bugsy rescue 62.2

Bugsy came back to me today. It was a bittersweet time. It's obvious that his owner has adored him and cared for him, but he knew his schedule was changing and he'd have no time for Bugsy.

Bugsy is healthy & beautiful now! He is very sweet too. It'll be easy to find him a good home. 

3 Iguanas

Why do I have 3 iguanas?

Because I don't want 4. ;) And I can't say "No" to rescuing iguanas kept in crummy conditions. 




Monday, June 22, 2015

Junie B

Someone was not happy on Saturday when I cut her nails. 

But I had to do it because her scratching was making me bleed. 

Luckily yesterday, she let me love on her. 

And we made progress because she let me love on her. 


I expect that she'll hate me again today. :) 

Junie B has a pretty severe overbite. Her lower lip folds over her stunted lower jaw. It's pretty funny looking.