Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gary Dean, rescue 106

When it comes to my vet's office calling to ask me to help, I have a hard time saying "No." And when it comes to absolutely adorable babies that fall asleep in my hand, I am a sucker. 

I'm not ashamed to admit that. 

Look at this baby savannah monitor! Could *you* have said "No?" 

He's a baby savvy with a mild prolapse and severe MBD. 

He fell asleep in my hand while we were waiting for the vet. 

I paid for his vet visit and was going to send him with my friend. But he was too adorable. He's with me for now. I have the supplies to get his calcium levels up and then I'll find someone to take him. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

An End

I got a phone call from my vet's office today, but since I was shopping, I sent it to voicemail. I knew they'd be calling about picking up the ashes of Turbo & Sancho, but I still wasn't able to deal with it. 

I sent my husband to pick it up. He handed to me and I started crying. 

The box is beautiful. 

I love the engraving on the top. 

It now sits on my mantle with Kip's ashes. It's where my beloveds rest. I'm going to add a bit of the fleece blankets I wrapped them up in last week to add on top of the box. 

Always in my heart. Turbo and Sancho. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A biggie meanie?! No way!

Iago was not pleasant to his foster parent. His nasty behavior earned him a bad nickname too. So I was a little nervous about him coming. 

But look at this little darling! 

He let me cut his nails without fighting me at all. Even my good beardies don't do that! Then I wrapped him up in a blankie and tucked him in my shirt. 

Now he's just chilling with me, looking around him. He's sort of jumpy which tells me he's been neglected. 

I love his light colored eyes. They are very alert and expressive. I think this guy will be okay (which I wasn't so sure of that last night). 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Hard Memory-- comes with a warning note (see below)

WARNING NOTE: do not read this post if you are very tender hearted about dying animals. It's heart breaking. It's not gruesome or nasty but just really really sad. 


On Monday when I put my beloved iguanas down, I had an extra traumatic experience that has been too painful to recount until now. I still expect to cry as I write this though. 

Sancho died very quickly and very peacefully. I held her as her breath slowed and she went to sleep for good. Her tail (where they injected her) bled on me and her nail scratched a hole in my shirt and her spines scratched up my arms, but she passed peacefully. 

Turbo didn't die quickly. He went to sleep and snuggled into my neck, but he didn't stop breathing. 

5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Sancho was long gone. The vet came in multiple times, but Turbo was still breathing. 

Finally- after about 35 minutes, the vet decided to give Turbo another injection. But, since there wasn't enough blood pressure left in his tail, he injected it into his belly. And then left. 

It must have hurt poor Turbo who reared up and struggled against me. His mouth was gaping and he was trying to thrash about. I kept trying to hold him and soothe him, but I couldn't hardly talk because I was sobbing. 

Turbo didn't die easily or quickly or nicely. It has been haunting me. It felt like forever until he calmed down though it was only a few minutes. When he was gone, I knew it. I didn't need the vet to use his heart monitor. Turbo was gone. I laid him down on the towel next to Sancho. 

I took a few pics and paid my bill. I didn't even wait for the vet to come back in to checkI left. I was numb and aching all at the same time. I felt broken and I was tired of sobbing in public. 

I got in my van and just sat there, staring down at my hands. My shirt had iguana blood and pee (Sancho lost control of her bowels at the end). My hands and arms were scratched. My head was aching from crying. I was a mess. I just sat there, unable to move. 

I heard a tap on the window. It was my vet. I rolled down the window. He reached in, patted me softly on the shoulder, and said he was sorry. I shrugged in response. I appreciated his gesture but I had nothing to give back. 

Later that night, as my sweet husband wrapped his arms around me, I choked out the experience of Turbo thrashing. The pain of the memory was festering in my heart and I couldn't bear the weight of it. I had to share it. I felt slightly better after telling someone. That's the point of this post too. I can't carry the weight of those sad 5 minutes alone. I need to let them go so I can remember the good times instead. 

I'm so sorry, Turbo. I'm sorry if I made you die. You were so sick and only getting worse. I couldn't watch you suffer any more. I'm sorry the last 5 minutes of your life sucked. I hope you forgot all about it as your sweet iguana soul went back to heaven. I love you dearly. I'll never forget you and I'm sorry. Always remember us snuggling together while I rocked you. Those will always be the happy times. 

With love forever for my handi-capable iguana Sancho and my one eyed lover boy Turbo. You both were the best. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Iago, rescue 105

This is Iago, a feisty male beardie. He was taken to a pet store and abandoned/dumped. He is 2, but super small. And he was obviously never handled. The poor thing is scared to death of everyone and rather aggressive. 

He puffed up his bearded and hissed at me. I laughed at him and told him to "Cool his jets!" He'll soon learn how to be nice and love blankies. 

Oh and he'll get fatter. I'm super good at fattening up my beardies. :) 

My 1000th order

Meet Florence! Her owner, Amanda G, was my 1000th order last week (or was it the week before?!). 

Amanda & Florence win a $25 gift card plus free shipping. 

The shop is so busy that I'm already up past my 1,050 order. Halloween is coming. 

Babysitting Steve

Steve is my nephew's 5 year old female bearded dragon and I'm babysitting her for the next week. 

She is super mellow and super large. 

Yes, her name is Steve. She matched well with Lizzie, our male bearded dragon. :) 

Luckily, I know how to tell if a beardie is a boy or girl now so we have fewer name problems. 

Nubs Came Back!

Nubs was one of my most difficult rescues. He went as close to death as a beardie can get and yet he still survived. Absolutely a miracle.


I very slowly brought him back to life (crying the WHOLE time). After a few days, he looked like this:

And then a year later, he looked like this:

And now he's back with me. He's still pouting and not very happy. I hope he recovers quickly. He's such a sweet beardie and I am really hoping that he'll like to play dress up with me! ;)

For all of Nubs story, click on the label "Nubs" and read the oldest post first and work forward. It was such an ordeal.

Woo hoo for Free Advertising!

This morning, I got this email:

Sweet! So I went to this website

And found this at the bottom of today's post: 

And the bearded dragon link takes you to my Etsy shop. Woo hoo!! 

Plus The Dainty Squid is an awesome website. So flattered. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Banana of Sadness

My heart has felt less heavy today (thankfully) and I've felt more normal. But while shopping in the produce section of my favorite grocery store, I saw the bananas and picked out a bunch. 

My first thought was how happy the bananas would make Turbo. 

And then I felt my eyes burn with tears. 

I decided to give Junie a banana instead. 

He was not happy with me. He still hasn't forgiven me for putting him downstairs on Tuesday. He stayed downstairs for several hours and kept freaking out. I put him back upstairs at dinner time and he instantly calmed down. 

Junie loves bananas, but not me. So I left it for him. Iguanas are very slow to adapt to change. They hate change. It may be awhile before Junie forgives me. I may need more bananas. 

And maybe some mangoes.