Thursday, September 29, 2016

Updates on the others from the Vet

Akime got her special bandage off today. Hooray! Her skin is all healed over for arm. Because the skin is so fragile, we put a simple wrap cover on it to protect it from her grabbing. When she gets stressed, she grabs at the bandage with her good arm and can't let go. 

She and Lotus are going to a their new home at a Chameleon Sanctuary next week! Woo hoo! We've just been waiting for the bandage to come off. 

Drake appears to have defective or blocked tear ducts that prevent his eyes from draining properly. He will always have weepy eyes that need wiped frequently so they don't get crusty. 

He's been shedding off the nasty sand stained skin too which is making him into a handsome Beardie. I'll start looking for a home for him soon. 

Georgie got an injection of antibiotics to help with her runny nose and goopy eyes. She was not happy to be examined and eventually outlasted the vet who wanted to look in her mouth. 

Baby Foot got his nails clipped since they had curled up and under his feet. We did get to see that he is for sure a boy. Until now, his shell has been too deformed to tell. Definitely a boy. :) 

The next vet trip will be for Midnight the iguana. Everyone else -- so far-- is healthy. 

Sweet Henry

This poor baby. He's breaking my heart. He's wrapped in a blankie, tucked under my chin. After much discussion and a physical exam that revealed 4 baby infected toes (one with a protruding bone) and a deep cut on his leg, my vet and I opted to let Henry be free from his pain. :( 

While we were examining the other critters (since Henry was first), I'd look over at him and he looked tired & weary to me. He seemed to want to tell me he has done and he trusted me to make that hard but right decision for him. 

I've been loving on him as he dies and telling him to be free. 

Poor sweet Henry. 

Rubber Henry

Henry is the worst case of muscular dystrophy in a Beardie I have ever seen. He's has little to no control over his limbs, can't eat well on his own, and often gets stuck upside down.  

He was found wandering around a neighborhood. We were told he must have escaped from his owner. We believed it-- until we saw how poorly he walks. Poor guy was probably dumped. :( His scales and feet are all roughed up and he's missing two toes. 

I posted a video of Henry walking a couple weeks ago and he's grown a little worse. You can tell when you look at him that he's tired. Everything is a struggle for him and nothing comes easy. I don't think my vet will give him a good prognosis-- especially when he sees the scabbed up, infected, bone sticking out toe that I discovered yesterday. 

Henry is the worst beardie I have ever had. He hurts my heart! :( I wonder if we are doing any favors by prolonging his misery.   


He will be a hard and painful discussion with my vet momentarily.  

Field Trip to the Vet

It's another big vet visit today. 

I have Georgie (runny nose) and Baby Foot (nail & beak trim). 

Drake still has runny eyes. 

Akime needs her arm bandage off. 

And Henry is a new guy who is a mess. 

Luckily, they scheduled me a full hour. I'm going to use it! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Since a good friend of mine is having surgery today and will be in rehab for a week or so, I am babysitting her two Beardie boys. 



To keep them away from my other beardies, I have them in the front room with my tortoise box. 

Next week the two chameleons, Akime & Lotus, will be going to their new home which is a chameleon paradise. That will free up some more room for me. Woo hoo! 

Drake is on a round of antibiotics and then he should be ready to be adopted out. He's a sweetie, but has a hard time eating food. I think it's because his eyes are still weepy. He's starting to shed so he's not such an ugly stained orange color. And he's putting on weight so he's not so stick-like. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Broken Heart Emails

One of the hardest and best parts of running this blog is receiving the many emails from people all over the world. A lot of the times, the situation with their beardie is too dire and they are too late emailing me so I can't help. The most common email starts off "I think my beardie is dead."

Sometimes I am actually able to help people with their beardies and, as we email back and forth, I feel like I'm making Pen Pal Friends. :) When the beardies I am helping with die, my heart breaks with their owners.

I'm happy to help you when and if I can. There's no point to knowing what I know if I can't help others. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Let me Help!!!"

I was printing off shipping labels when I heard scratching. 

Midnight wanted up! 

He licked my shirt a few times. 

Then tried to take a bite. 

Then kept climbing up to see what I was doing. 

He licked my computer a lot! 

He pushed a lot of buttons and brought up screens I've never seen. 

What is this screen?!?! 

Okay, time to get down! 

He licked my foot a couple times and then I put him in the window to bask. 

Midnight is like a reptile toddler. He has his moments of extreme brattiness and times when he won't anything I give him and times when he has to be wherever I am at. He's settling in and calming down though. I'm grateful for that. 

Two Super Soft New Etsy Items

A Mermaid Tail Snuggle Sack-- CLICK HERE

These will come in three sizes and three solid colors.

And a super soft minky fabric hammock with adjustable suction cups. These are one size but in three prints. CLICK HERE!

I loved shopping for this fabric! So soft! It made me want to take a nap! 

These will be up in my Etsy shop later today and then I'll post a link. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Photo Op

Midnight leapt on the back of the rocking chair and held himself majestically in the setting sun streaming in through our windows. 

I got up to take a picture of him. 

Yep. That's as good as it gets. ;) 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tree Bed

Midnight has claimed this part of my ficus  tree as his own. He puts himself to bed every night around 6. And every morning I pull him off and put him under his heat lamp. 

I'm not sure what he'll do when he gets to heavy for that branch. He's growing very fast and I can't imagine it holding him up much longer.